Propellers and dispersion discs

PIL-MIX flow propeller is characterized by a very high circulation per. kW.

The blades of the flow propeller are designed to achieve the same
flow over the entire length of the blade. This helps to avoid

With its axial flow and large pumping power, the propeller provides one
efficient agitation that prevents sedimentation.

Flow propellers are used in low and medium viscosity products with a viscosity up to about 10,000 mPas (cP).

Dispersing discs are used in processes where tearing is desired

the product, or where powder is desired to be stirred in liquid without the formation of lumps.

The disc must run at a high peripheral speed, thereby achieving an efficient
comminution / dispersion of the product.

Dispersing discs are available in two types: Type ZA with external teeth, and type ZE with internal teeth.

External teeth are used in fixed process plants. Internal teeth
is used in systems where agitators or agitators are mobile, as the disc ring acts as protection