About us

With 100 years of experience and expertise, Admix Europe ApS is one of the world's leading suppliers of machinery and plants for the chemical-technical processing industry, and in particular for the paint, varnish and printing ink sectors. Our product range has been developed to meet the individual needs of each customer. We have the perfect solution for laboratory scales as well as for large turnkey projects.

We believe that our ability to develop still more sophisticated machines incorporating intelligent (product-dependent) control technology will enable us to improve the efficiency of the equipment further and keep us in the top of the technological development in this industrial sector.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is exported to countries all over the world, and in order to secure optimum support and service to our customers, we have selected a range of highly skilled representatives worldwide.

A selection of our services and products:

• Planning, engineering and know-how

• Development and construction

• Installation and commissioning

• Dissolvers

• Mixers

• Homogenizers

• Bead Mills

• Vibration Sieves

• Filling Equipment