Dissolver 3500KG

High speed disperser (HSD)

The 3500 KG model is designed for placing on the floor when placing on the platform is not required or the platform is not constructed for carrying the weight of the Dissolver.

The Dissolver can operate in 2, 3 or 4 stationary containers of up to Ø 1600 mm in diameter and max gross volume of 3500 litres. The Dissolver is delivered with foot for platform height up to 2200 mm. Higher foot can be supplied on request.

Further the Dissolver is delivered with the length of the stirring shaft adjusted to the customer?s container dimensions, in order to obtain the optimum dispersion.

The Dissolver has a lifting height of 1600 mm, which is reached in approximately 40 seconds.


  • Very strong and stable construction
  • No daily maintenance except cleaning
  • Simple periodic maintenance due to few and easily accessible lubrication points
  • Vibration-less running at low noise level
  • Simple and safe operation of the machine from the control panel
  • Safety cut-out switch built into the column adjustable to the container height in order to ensure that the mixing unit cannot be raised above the container edge during operation
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting and lowering of the mixing unit continuously adjustable speed during operation from 400 to 1200 rpm
  • In standard execution the dissolver is fully CE marked in conformity with the Machine, Low Voltage and EMC Directives

DIAF PLC process control system 

In addition to the frequency converter these dissolvers can be supplied with the well proven DIAF process control system, which provides:

  • The speed and level of the plate turbine is optimized during adding of solids and dispersion
  • The temperature of the product can be measured in fixed as well as mobile containers
  • An adjustable timer function makes it possible to pre-set dispersion time
  • Process data can be sampled and stores in a PC for supervision and Quality Control
  • A built-in modem gives DIAF access to the machine and saves time then possible trouble shooting is requested

Dissolver 3500 KG

The K models are delivered with control panel, which provides the following functions:

  • Start/stop of the dissolver motor
  • Lifting and lowering of the plate turbine
  • +/- rpm of the Dissolver
  • Emergency stop
  • Indication light (lamp) for errors, belt wear and overload of the Dissolver motor
  • Digital instrument for Dissolver with rpm readout
  • Continuously adjustable speed during operation from 400 to 1200 rpm by means of a servomotor

Dissolver 3500 ZG

Diaf has developed a new line of frequency converter controlled dissolvers with special attention to low noise. The prices are almost the same as the equivalent to the traditional variable belt pulley dissolver.


  • Good dispersion, pre-mixing and ready mixing at low power consumption
  • Connection to either 50 or 60 cycle mains circuit without change of motor
  • Simplified mechanical construction
  • Critical shaft speed (rpm) can be eliminated


Type 3500 KG

Speed range: 400 — 1200 rpm
Main motor N HP 60 75 100 122 Main motor EX HP 50 60 80 95 109
kW 45 55 75 90 kW 36 44 58 70 80

Type 3500 ZG

Speed range: 400 — 1200 rpm
Main motor N HP 60 75 100 122 Main motor EX HP 50 60 75 100 122
kW 45 55 75 90 kW 37 45 55 75 90