Submerged agitators

Advantages of using DIAF PILVAD side entry agitators on drilling-mud vessels

Submerged agitators are smaller than the side entry agitators, with shorter shafts and off course must be completely “sealed off” towards the drilling mud. They should be fixed to the wall of the inside of the tank, to provide good performance. The required filing level is low for the submerged agitators. It is very important is that the tank is equipped with guider rails for pulling the whole agitator up from the tank, in case of a leak. The repositioning of the submerged agitators is also required to ensure sufficient agitation of the mud in all corners of the tank. Submerged agitators are in greater risk of leaking as the complete machine is encapsulated in drilling mud. If a leak should appear, it is possible that the whole agitator is damaged. Maintenance and replacement is lengthy and costly and is likely to delay the delivery of mud to the platform.