Edge Mounted Agitators

Edge mounted agitators where reliability is top notch

All edge mounted agitators are designed with cast bearing housing equipped with 2 strong quality bearings and oil sealing ring.

Edge mounted brackets are made of stainless steel.

Can also be used with manual tripod and scroll rack.

Edge mounted agitators are supplied as standard in 3 versions:

K0 - Supplied with motors up to 1.50 kW (BS80) and shaft Ø25 mm.
       Delivered with elastic coupling in bearing house.
K1 - Supplied with motors up to 2.20 kW (BS90) and shaft Ø25-45 mm.
K2 - Supplied with motors up to 5.50 kW (BS112) and shaft Ø50 mm.

Available in variants with lightning coupling and with frequency convertr.