Laboratory Agitators

Table Agitators for small-scale production and experiments

A versatile and cleaning-friendly mixer that can be delivered in many different variants.
Changeable mixing shaft with thread coupling. Can be used with
different impellers and with the possibility of finger tator.

Motor type as needed. Can be delivered with stepless variable
speed control via frequency converter.
Motor type typically from 0.25 kW to 0.75 kW and revolutions from 0 - 4,500

Also available with mounting brackets for wall mounting or as edge mounted agitator.

Technical specifications

  • All models have specially designed molded bearing housing.
  • All are equipped with 2 strong quality bearings, elastic coupling and
    oil sealing ring.

Below is shown variants for flange mounting:

  1. Bearing House
  2. Elastic Coupling
  3. Bearing
  4. Oil sealing ring
  5. Stirring shaft with threaded coupling in acid-resistant stainless steel, AISA 316

Laboratory Agitators