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Who we are

Innovation and Industry Knowledge

Admix Europe ApS is a leading supplier of mixing, blending, and dispersing machines for both chemical and hygienic applications such as paints, varnishes, food/beverages, and pharmaceuticals. With over a century of experience designing and manufacturing proven mixing technologies, we have the expertise to deliver customized equipment solutions that meet and exceed today's requirements for technology, functionality, quality, and value.

History: In April 2022, Admix Europe ApS, established in 1989, acquired Diaf Pilvad which was founded in 1912. Diaf Pilvad is now called Admix Europe ApS and the two companies operate as one out of its large manufacturing facility in Fredensborg, Denmark.

Our large portfolio of innovative equipment and a wealth of industry knowledge held by our valuable employees, are what makes Admix a strong and sustainable partner for its customers.

Our speciality

We are happy to offer solutions that are designed to improve your current process.

Our product portfolio ranges from small laboratory agitators to very large process plants. Our expertise is designing highly efficient mixing and dispersion equipment and understanding our customer's application for the most optimal outcome. Our agitators are supplied with impellers, selected or designed specifically for the required job.

Custom Equipment

We supply mixing plants that meet today's demands for technology and functionality 100%

Our agitators are especially developed for e.g. the pharma-, foods- and chemical industries.

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