Norm Series

Flange-mounted agitators without gears


The Norm series is a proven and reliable series of agitators where all components are dimensioned optimally.

All Norm series agitators are designed with a strong bearing housing and can be supplemented with laterne for the installation of shaft seals so that they can be used in pressure or vacuum.

The Norm series are available in (max shaft lengths are free shaft lengths without bottom supply):

Norm 0 with shaft size Ø25 and max. length 1,800 mm.
Norm 25 with shaft size Ø25 and max. length 2,300 mm.

Norm 45 with shaft size ø45 and max length 4.500 mm.
Norm 2 : max shaft diameter: Ø60 and max. length 4,500 mm.
Norm 60: max shaft diameter Ø60 and max. length 5,800 mm.
Norm 70/80: max shaft diameter Ø70/Ø80 and max. length 7,500 mm.