Dissolver 100WH

High speed disperser

Floor type dissolver for premixing, dispersion and end-mixing in batches up to approximately 100 litres of gross volume.






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  • Good homogenizing and dispersion at a low consumption of power
  • Motors up to 5,5 HP
  • Very strong and stable construction
  • Lifting height 600 mm
  • Available in both enclosed fan-cooled IP54 execution and EExe de II B/C T4 flameproof execution
  • Electrohydraulic plant for lifting and lowering of the mixing unit with built-in safety cut-out switch
  • Continuous, infinite speed control by means of frequency converter between (500) 1600 — 4800 rpm
  • 100WH is equipped with a protective tube for the stirring shaft
  • Max container volume: 100 litres gross
  • Container fastening device for containers with diameter 280 — 500 mm, mounted on the column with built-in safety cut-out switch
  • Vacuum equipment (optional)

Additional equipment

Additional equipment

  • A wide range of stirring units
  • Container lid and detachable cover plates in stainless steel
  • Vacuum equipment